1. Monitor Your Baby Anywhere You Go

Being able to see and check-in on your baby from whatever location should provide you with tons of reassurance. Baby cameras and monitors of today are certainly not the same as before—you can view footage on your phone, receive notifications when your baby has woken up and much more. Family members can also have access to monitor your baby on their devices.

  1. Control your Garage Door Remotely

If you’ve forgotten to shut your garage door, you can be alerted with this device. Through a mobile app, you can open and close the door with ease. Installation is fairly quick and can be done within minutes.

  1. See what’s Happening Outside with a Surveillance Camera

When you have a sturdy surveillance camera that can handle anything from dust to snow, you’ll be able to see and capture footage in any state or condition. Keep an eye on what’s happening outside of your house, even when it’s pitch black out. Stay updated on your phone, anywhere you go.

  1. Greet Your Guests Wherever You Are with a Virtual Doorbell

Get live video of who’s dropped by your place by checking on your phone or laptop. Not only can you see them, you could also talk to them through built-in speakers and microphone.

  1. Use Your Voice to Stream Music through Wi-Fi enabled Speakers

Set the mood and tone right with the perfect music by tapping on the microphone button on this device. Then, ask for a song or a music genre and you’ll be able to stream music over Wi-Fi. You can also search and listen to the news through these speakers.