Days since last known Java 0-day exploit

Previous high score: 723 (up from 87)

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Java-related CVEs:

No glove, no love:
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navigator.javaEnabled() == true or false?

Latest patch:
Java 7u80
Java 8u91

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Thanks to Trend Micro for keeping the hype alive.

Java 7 is no longer supported. Java 7u101 is available through Oracle Premier Support.


Close call: reach 1 week
Not 2day: reach 2 digits
Finger binary is not enough: reach 31 days
Deep Thought: reach 42 days
D3aL w17H 17: reach 1337 hours
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: reach 3 digits
Trial licence expired: reach 180 days
The Reaper's Toll: reach 1 year without getting attention

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Don't be fooled:
Java isn't the only thing you should be worried about. There are others.
Be cautious. Learn. "Click to play", disabling plugins (better than click to play), disabling javascript or enabling "same origin policy" are nice things.